Welcome to HBWare

At the moment this site is under development, downloads will be added in the comming days. If you miss something, please let me know.

From now (18 november 2018) the sites www.hbware.com and www.hbware.net are one. The www.hbware.com is redirected to www.hbware.net. All downloads are updated to the lastest versions.

On this site you will find eDirectory and GroupWise tools.

Most of the eDirectory tools need the Novell CLient to be installed.
The LDAP tools do not need the Novell CLient. Some will also work for non eDirectory ldap servers.

For GroupWis there are tools that will work with GroupWise 2012 and before, these tools need the GroupWise client to be installed.
GroupWise tools for GroupWise 2014 and beyond, do not need the GroupWise client.

After almost 30 years  I do not use Novell (MicroFocus) productsin my day to day work.
Because of this the tools on this site are as is. I will do bug fixes and some small enhancements from time to time.
If you drop me an email at hans at hbware (.com or .net) I will try to help/explain the use of any of these tools.

At the moment it is not possible to create a license file on the site. If you need a license, drop me an email and I will generate one for you.