DNSBrowse and DNSEdit will find your locator object or locator objects and show the records in a flat list. There is an easy way for changing the tree. The program can also create a host file, export the data to a CVS file or print an overview of the DNS or DHCP records. In the DNS overview you can find the IP address, name, record type, zone and description. In the DHCP overview you can find the IP address, name, type, MAC-Address, last used, expire date and description. The data can be sorted on any column.

DnsBrowse: There is also a delete option for old DHCP records.
DnsEdit: edit options for DNS and DHCP records

The dns/dhcp information is stored locally, and this info is used at startup. You can switch this function on/off. The program will show a “dot” in front of the dns/dhcp records if the data is read from the local cache and is older than 2 hours. The color of the dot indicates the time the data is cached, there are 6 “levels”. You can set the colors in the ini-file.

There programs where develloped for Netware DNS/DHCP. These program will function correctly in a OES environment for DNS (not changed) but the DHCP option will not function.

DNSBrowse is a free tool, DNSEdit a licensed tool.

These tools are usefull for the DNS/DHCP Netware environment, for OES only the DNS part of the tools is relevant.