GWAudit is a tool that helps:

Managers: to manage mailboxes of ex-employees
System managers: change proxy settings and forward mails during vacations without breaking the the users password. Delete email during a virus infection.
Auditors and legal staff: inspect emails confidentially and search of emails.

Some features

  • Mailbox content review
  • Search employee email
  • Print and Export employee email
  • Confidential process – No modifications are made to the mailbox!
  • Supports full search capabilities of GroupWise, some predifined option and full free search (under development)
  • View Employee proxy Settings (and modify in system mode)
  • View, Export, and Print Employee Address Book

Warning this is still beta/demo software not everything is already working.

The demo version will work until March 31, 2007 without any license.

GWAudit is a tool for Managers, System Managers and Auditors.

Manager mode
Managers can browse all the mailboxes of there staff (any level). (In the final version only disabled accounts can be read). Mail can be forwarded (drag and drop) to other staff members. The program uses the Account Managment organization information for this.

The program will show a organization view of the users. Users can be in any domain/postoffice.

System Mode
System engenieer can use the tool for inspecting the Groupwise messages and can forward mails in case of the absents of a user. It is also possible to remove emails (e.g. in case of a virus infections) without changing the users password. It is also possible to change the groupwise proxy settings.

Audit Mode
In this mode all mailboxes can be read and searched. In this mode no modifications can be made.

In System and Audit mode the program will show the users in the correponding Domains and Post Offices. There are a few options for finding a user. (username optionally with autocomplete or a search on first and lastname (wildcards allowed)).

The program will show the mailbox somewhat like groupwise:

The mail in the mailbox can be opened and inspected. There is a plaintext view (the default) and a html-view (if available). There is also a plain mime.822 view.

<add pic here> <add pic here>

Plain text and the html version view of the same mail

<add picture here>

Mime.822 view


under development……………..

picture here

The search page, some of the search options

The search result:


The search result. This looks like a normal mailbox. There it is possible to save this list to a CSV, XLS of XLM file, or print a (set of) mail(s) and save the mails in a rtf-file. There is also an option for saving this result list for later inspection.

pdf ….


The program has a lot of printer makeup options. It is possible to add a header and/or footer, and give these a seperate makeup.

For the result there is a preview function with a standaard email for the result of the modifications to the printer setup.

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Documentation is only online available.

GWAudit 2014

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