This program is intended for receptionists or secretaries that need to have insight into the Groupwise Agenda indepent of the Groupwise proxy settings. The program uses the “trusted app” option of groupwise, at means that the program can access all mailboxes without knowing the passwords In most companies this in not allowed without explicit authorization of the management!

You can setup your own “filters’. These filtes can be a combination of Domain, Postoffice membership, edirectory group membership, some ldap filter, and there is an option for exclutions. See also manual for more info.

The program van be used:

  • Single location, or separate locations where it is not allowed to see agendas at other locations
  • Multi location, with a default location for the user. The user can see into agendas at other locations

All queries are done in the eDirectory with LDAP, so the user does not need the Novell Client. Because the program uses a special “search user” the user of the program does not need any special eDirectory rights.

All the information is placed in an ini-file with a checksum option, so the end-user can not change the information. The password for the search user in the ini-file is encrypted.

All the information retreived from Groupwise is done with SOAP, so there is no need for a Groupwise Client on the locale machine. SOAP has to be configured on the different postoffices!.

The package include a config wizard-style program with help for setting.