version 1.00.00 Sep 4, 2009
version 1.00.01 Sep 5 , 2009

A new free tool for groupwise.

With gwreport you can export 26 groupwise attributes. The program can be used with any Groupwise version (5.x and up). (some Mailbox Size, Last Client Type and Mailbox Last Access will be skipped and will probably be available in GW8SP2).

The program is not a Trusted App, it will just connect to the Groupwisedatabase.

Requirements: access to one of the domain directories (Netware/Windows/Linux) and the Groupwise windows client.

version 1.00.02 Sep 7, 2009

-Fixed problem retreiving “Preferred Email ID” and “MailBox Expiration Date”
-Change dateformat to: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm-ss (better sort)
-Column sorts now ascending and decending (second click on column header)

Fix in the setup, wrong name for the desktop shutcut was installed (v1.00.02a) Sep 23, 2009