What is userman?

The maintenance of some general user object fields (e.g. Telephone Number) is in many organisations not really a task of the automations personnel. You can release Nwadmin or Console One to the maintainer of those fields, many (edp) managers don’t like this. This program can modify all the attributes found on the Nwadmin general tab of an user object. The maintainer doesn’t need supervisor rights, it does need the NDS-rights to the attributes he/she may modify. If you have NDS 7 or up this can be done with the tool NdsRights.exe (a seperate free downloadable utility for the web-site). If you have nds 6 or below you need to set the access-rights to all user objects that need to be managed. (There is no tool available!).

The program can also change the password of a user and there is an option for editing the Login-script. It is possible to add/delete a picture (jpegPhoto or ldapPhoto) and the program can manage the homeInfo attributes (homePostalAddress, childern, homeEmailAddress).

The program can show multiple trees and search in multiple trees.