A maintainer of the fields in de eDirecotory needs eDirectory-rights. In NDS 7 and up you have inherited rights, so you can set at a higher level the NDS-rights for someone (or organizational role). E.g. if you set at [root] level the modify right for the Telephone Number, than the user or a role-member can set the Telephone Number for all users in the eDirectory. If you want to differentiate the rigths to different persons for diffente parts of the eDirectory, you can set the NDS-rights at a lower (container) level in the NDS.

You can use ConsoleOne or iManager to set these rights, and/or use the iManager roles for this. This is a simple tools that can do the same thing.

Warning the program only adds nds-rights, it can not revoke/delete NDS-rigths. Use Console One or iManager for this.

This tool was developped for UserMan and later extended for a change password utility, for most common attributes you can grant write access rights.