NDSbackup is the best affordable backup utility for eDirectory (also 8.8.x) around. The program can also backup trustee file rights.

It is a windows utility that will create an object based backup of the eDirectory objects, object link information and optionally it backups the file rights (it will not backup files).


  • Runs on a windows pc or server (windows2000 or higher)
  • Runs also in a windows only environment
  • Simple!!
  • Backups optionally the file-rights (extended version)
  • (Sub)Tree backup is possible
  • The datafile is offline (not on the same server as the eDirectory itself)
  • The datafile is not a database, so no interface/installation problems
  • Every backupfile contains the whole schema
  • Multiple backupfiles (every day another file)
  • Restore of a single object (and this links from other objects to the object)
  • Restore (sub)tree (with class based filtering)
  • Restore object to another location in the tree (with link repair)
  • Restore object with attribute filtering
  • Restore the file rights to existing objects without modifying the object
  • Restore objects to another tree (usefull for migration)
  • Restore filerights to another server (version 3.05.02)
  • Backup as service or as windows gui process
  • Email notification on complete
  • and the best of all: it really WORKS!

Backup and restore are two separate programs.

At the moment there is no download available please send Email if you are interested.


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