BrowseNDS is a NDS/eDirectory utility that allows to:


  • Browse the tree: and show all visible attributes and its value’s. For many attributes there are so called decoders, so the information is in a (more) human readable form. E.g. the zen application objects contain a lot of binary data-streams. This information will be decoded into a more readable form.
  • Execute some (simple) queries and export the result to a csv-file
  • Show and edit the schema
  • Show TimeSync information
  • Show Partition informaton
  • Some limited edit functionallity on “simple” attribute

The start of the utility dated back to 1998. It is heavily used by myself for the developing of all other tools on this site, and often used for debugging eDirectory problems.

This tool will be superseeded by BrowseLdap, it will be under the LDAP menu



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