This website (HBware) is started at 23-Dec-2002 as a free service intended for Netware administrators/developers.

Some information about myself.

I started programming in 1976 and I am a Novell user since 1988. In 1995 I started to write Netware related applications. A lot of the programs on this site are developed because I needed them for my daily work. Programming is not my profession, all the programs and help here are a hobby of mine. I like helping people with there problems and make there lives easier.

If you have any question about the programs or have a wish not covered by any program, drop a request in the forums or send me an E-mail.

Because this web-site is a hobby, I only ask a small contribution for the use of the programs, so I can cover the costs.

I would like to thank Patrick for excelent download module, support and some other PHP-code for this web-site.

Contact info:
email: hans [at] this domain (hbware.net)

Novell and NetWare are Registered Trademarks of Micro focus in no way endorses or is affiliated with HBware.